The Trans Journalists Association exists to support trans journalists in their workplaces and careers through community support, providing guidance to newsrooms for more accurate, sensitive coverage of trans communities, and providing tools to help employers make their workplaces more supportive for trans employees.

In the media

Most Journalists Don’t Know How to Cover Trans Communities. We’re Here to Push for Change, them

Let Down by Existing Resources, These Trans Journalists Created Their Own, New Now Next

The Trans Journalists Association launches, with workplace advice and a style guide, Nieman Lab

Trans Journalists Association launches to fill gap, National Press Club Journalism Institute

TJA Launches to Support and Guide Trans Media Staffers, Workplaces, The Wrap

Trans Journalists Association goes from Facebook group to global organization, Fast Company

Keep in touch

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To become a member, please fill out this form. We have no membership fees. Anyone who’s trans, nonbinary or gender-expansive and working in media is welcome.  

For media requests, questions about membership and other inquiries, please email contact@transjournalists.org. 

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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