Style Guide

In recent years, trans people and issues have become hypervisible in the media. While many outlets have published some thoughtful, accurate stories, too much of that coverage has failed their audiences and trans communities.

The media bears a great responsibility when it comes to ensuring accurate and sensitive coverage of trans communities. Most of the public’s primary source of information on trans topics is likely the media (only about a quarter of people in the United States, for instance, have a close friend or family member who is openly trans), meaning media coverage is critical in shaping how the public talks and thinks about transgender people. Therefore, it’s imperative for media outlets to get this coverage right.

The Trans Journalist Association’s Style Guide is a tool reporters, editors and other media makers can use to begin to improve trans coverage. It gives insight into appropriate language, common shortcomings, and steps journalists can take to make their coverage better.


Additional Resources:

The Radical Copyeditor’s Style Guide For Writing about Trans people [link][TK TK TK]

*Note: The Trans Journalists Association’s Style Guide is a living document that will be updated as language evolves and additional guidance is needed. If you think something is missing from this guide, please contact us at [TKTK EMAIL].

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